Explore the Ayvalik: best for coastal life

Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations that any person in the world would like to visit. Her beauty and magnificent towns like Ayvalik, make touring her a worth adventure. There cheap jerseys are several features that make Ayvalik the best place for coast life lovers.

The geographical Location

Ayvalik is located in midst of several natural features that make you to enjoy the full view of the town. Just 8kms from her lies Hacker Sarimsakli. This is a white sand beach. It gives the best location for you to relax and enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea.

· Seytan cheap nfl jerseys Sofrasi, popularly referred to as the date Devil’s table, gives you the best aerial view of Ayvalik and the bays that surround her. Additionally there are Islands like the Alibey or Cunda. On these islands, tourists enjoy boat rides and other sea adventures.

· There are several historical churches and monuments that are largely inherited from the Greek tradition. Moonlight and St. George monastery are among the best historical sites that you cannot afford to miss.

· The weather is warm most of the times. In the recent times there has not been extreme weather patterns that can deter you from touring.



· In turkey, there is a very well developed transport system. The internationally recognized airports include Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and Dalaman. They are fairly distributed which means that accessing Ayvalik is always convenient. Getting Turkey visas from any of their consulates is easy.

· The Turkish State Railway offers the second option for those who do not prefer air transport when on adventure. It is cheap, effective and convenient. There are also buses that ply the major cities routes Ayvalik included. At Ayvalik there are Dolmus (public taxis) that are cheap and convenient. They work around the clock and this assures you that you will get to your preferred destination at Bandstoottoernooi the projected time. During summer and when the weather is favorable, there are ferries along the Ayvalik coast.

· During the touring process, hot air balloons are used to take people around Ayvalik and the islands around her. This saves you the hassle of walking. It allows you to get the best aerial view of the whole area.

Food and culture

· At Ayvalik there are several fish restaurants have Poplin fish delicacies as a specialty. Hamsi (Black Sea wholesale mlb jerseys anchovy) is one of the best fish that you Things will enjoy. Traditionally, almost all foods are prepared using olive oil and its byproducts. There is a diversity of wild herbs and seafood that are served in cooked and raw forms depending on the clients’ preferences.

· For lovers of kebabs there is a wide variety to choose from. The top two are Urfa and Adana kebabs. The difference between the two is thickness and the amount of spices used. Urfa kebab is thicker and minimum amount of spices is added and therefore it is good for people with small children on board.

· Bathing and other laundry products are also stuffed with olive oil. The most popular is the castile soap which is 90% olive oil. It gives the best skin treatment and protects people from sunburns.

· People who live in Ayvalik city enjoy the traditional sea activities like fishing and rowing. They are however cautioned against such activities when the weather is not favorable.

· People practice farming though it is not widespread as compared to other areas.

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