Holiday in the Amazing Rainforests of Brazil

Brazil is a huge country that is covered by 60% of Amazon Rainforest falling within the borders. Rainforest adventure is one of the main attractions of large number of people wanting to spend their holidays in Brazil. Amazon Rainforest is believed to be having minimum of 40,000 species of plants, 1294 birds, 427 mammals, 427 amphibians, 378 reptiles and about 2.5 million species of different insects.

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33% of the known species across the world can be seen in Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The visitors planning to spend holidays here get an opportunity to have glimpse of many of animals in Amazon Rainforest and also get an insight to biological diversity of the world. You must make use of Goibibo flight coupons to get good discounts on your flight tickets.


The climate at Amazon rainforest is humid and warm throughout the year. Too much of rains ensure that rainforest ecosystem remains green and lush throughout and is full of vegetation and animals. This ecosystem has four different layers starting from ground that has thick vegetation, to canopy where trees appear to be reaching sun. An assortment of Amazon rainforest animals can be easily located in all these layers.


Many options are available to tourists wanting to have wildlife holiday at Brazil but the best way would be to stay at any of the lodges constructed within rainforest. Once you are based inside the jungle, you can move out on guided tours of rainforest and you are likely to see large variety of flora or fauna including some of the sadly endangered species. Biggest advantage of staying at lodge is that you will have the benefit of expert knowledge and facts about Amazon rainforests from the guides which work at these lodges. They guide you through jungles expertly and show you what perhaps would have been missed by you. You will learn about various species there, medicinal qualities of various plants and also threat being faced by rainforest ecosystem. yatra discount coupons is a must for getting the best possible deals for your vacation.


You could visit Patanal Conservation Area that has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is largest wetland in world. Here 80% of plains remain submerged during rainy season. Because of this there is unbelievable degree of diversity of blooming aquatic plant life which further supports different species of animals. You can expect to see Giant River Otters and Marsh Deer and many endangered species like Crowned Solitary Eagle, Hyacinth Macaw and Giant Anteater. Patanal supports healthiest and largest jaguar population across the world.

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Other areas worth visiting are Atlantic Rainforest which is also classed as UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site and World Biosphere Reserve. Anyone visiting Brazil for holidays will be able to see many endangered species such as Wooly Spider Monkeys, Marmosets and Lion Tamarins. Check out for the latest travel deals and coupons.


There is more variation in temperature north to south in Amazon Rainforest and because of this there are many areas having various types of forests in it and all of these have unique attributes of their own. All the people visiting Brazil for wildlife holidays will be offered a great opportunity to have memorable experience of real rainforest adventure.

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