Nashik – The Spiritually Enlightening Journey In The Ancient City

Maharashtra has a rich assortment of holiday destinations from mega cities, picturesque hill stations, beautiful small towns and major pilgrimage sites. One of the major pilgrimage site in Maharashtra is the city of Nashik. This ancient city offers a great sightseeing for its visitors and a fun time all in all, which is what the article talks about.

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Nashik is most well known for being a holy city. This city is renowned for its various temples built amid the rules of various rulers from ancient India. An ancient holy city, Nashik is one of the biggest pilgrimage sites for Hindus all around India. Some archeological destinations state early human settling confirmation and it is one of the four sites of the Kumbha Mela celebration which is held once in 12 long years. The city sees a huge number of tourists and visitors alike whole throughout the year and is regarded as one of the most visited cities in Maharashtra.

Nashik is approachable by railway and roads. The most number of people travelling by road arrives from Mumbai while the people taking the train comes from places like New Delhi. New Delhi to Nashik train is one of the most common train the city’s railway station sees since a large crowd of people traverse from New Delhi to Nashik train. Once you reach the city, getting around is not hard. The best way to move around the city is by renting car. You could also try the tour buses which goes around the city showing the important historical sites and tourists attractions which mainly consists of ancient but important hindu temples. This is a good alternative if you do not wish to whip out your google maps after every location like you would if you hired a cab. For the bus tour it is recommended that you book your ticket one day prior to the tour as the buses are almost full on a regular basis. Book it ahead and reserve your seat for a hassle free tour the next day. You could commute and do your other part of exploring the city by walking or taking a local auto rickshaw which is cheap, convenient and fast. In Mumbai, You must visit Smaaash located in Kamala Mill compound.

Nashik is the third largest city in the state of Maharashtra, and although an ancient city, this place maintains a fine balance and blend of the old and the new. Recent developments has seen the city taking shape to become the city it has become today but there is still the ancient side to the city which remains maintained religiously. At a height of 1900 ft above sea level, the city enjoys pleasant climate almost all throughout the year. The vicinity of the Samangaon Lake and the Chandshi lake just add to the excellence of the city.

Aside from its religious significance, Nashik has various vineyards and is known as the wine capital of India. A percentage of the vineyards permit visits and give courses on win making process and distinguishing proof of diverse wines and how to enjoy them. All said and done, Nashik is a beautiful holiday destination and even more so for the religiously inclined. Make your way to city with any given opportunity and take the train to save time instead of travelling by road. Train is the best mode of transport as flight services are temporarily suspended so there are no more Delhi to Nasik flights now although there used to be in the past.

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