RV Trip through Las Vegas – Seeing Beyond the Glitz and Glamour

When we speak about Las Vegas, the ritzy casinos, bright lights and the constant whirr of the slot machines often come to mind. As a result, tourists who enjoy the thrill of gambling and the glamorous nature of the city visit in droves every year. However, other types of travelers such as the nature lovers and history buffs tend to give the city a pass. That should not be the case though because beyond the buzzing energy, there’s more to Las Vegas that even folks who don’t like cities can enjoy.

Another great alternative to get to know Las Vegas is through a recreational vehicle. Head out on your own or go with your family and friends. See what else the area has to offer.

Grand Canyon

Seems like everyone knows the Grand Canyon, but most people choose to just take day tours there and then return to their posh hotels in the city. But if you choose to take advantage of an RV rental in Las Vegas and travel slow, you can spend a few days or even weeks and enjoy everything the expansive natural formation has to offer.

Allow your mind to be blown away by the Grand Canyon’s immense size and astounding geologic formations and colors. Get up close and personal by taking a hike from the North Rim all the way to the South Rim. Don’t worry about where to leave your RV because there are many well-equipped campgrounds in the area that will suit your needs.

Bryce Canyon National Park

About three hours drive away from the bright center of Las Vegas is the breathtaking sandstone cliffs of Bryce Canyon. Another wonder of nature that you must not miss when visiting this part of the United States. Marvel at the horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters and the brightly colored limestone formations. Interesting and even bizarre geologic views abound. Park your RV at your chosen camping spot and take your time enjoying memorable activities such as horseback riding, moonlit-guided hiking and telescope gazing. You can also do a few auto tours or ride the shuttles provided by the park.

Zion Natural Park

This one is a bit closer to the City of Lights, just 168 miles away. But you can definitely spend days there to enjoy everything it has to offer, and then retire comfortably in your recreational vehicle each night. The park offers horseback riding, biking and hiking opportunities that will satisfy any nature lover. Photography enthusiasts will also find the park a very beautiful subject. For the thrill seekers, tubing on the Virgin River is a must-try. And if you really miss the bustle of Las Vegas, you can always drive back in the afternoon and arrive in time to enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner in any of the city’s popular dining establishments.

An RV rental trip to Las Vegas will definitely be worth your time and money. There is plenty to discover and enjoy in the area aside from the poker tables and classy hotel rooms. Beyond the glitz and glamour, there is also the raw and natural. So plan your road trip now.

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