Save Money On Meat When You Are Not Traveling

When you are on the road traveling it is easy finding great places to eat. From corner cafes to steakhouses and everything in between it is fun eating while traveling. However, when you are not traveling it can be harder to get a good meal at a decent price. When you are traveling you tend to splurge because you are treating yourself. The rest of the time well, it is mac and cheese again. So how can you eat good meat with out going broke? According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, you just have to be smarter and willing to think out side the box. Here are some tips that can help you get great deals on meat with out having to sacrifice your vacation fund. Buy your meat in the morning because that is when the butcher puts the discounted price on it. Meat that is approaching its sell by date will usually be discounted in the morning. Another tip would be to buy in bulk and freeze or share the extras. Another way to save money on meat is to use less of it. Instead of making the meat the main course, use it to dress up something such as pasta or use it as a add-on in a salad. Finally, if you want meat without the cost try frozen meat or meat in a can instead of fresh meat.

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