Top 3 well-known bakeries in Delhi

Delhi is indeed an ideal place to visit if you have the craving for the ultimate holiday experience. While you explore the city, it is likewise ideal that you also explore the eating habit of the locals.
India is an enormous and immense nation, and its topology giving it with a wide diversity in terms of region and culture. The nation has the colossal Himalaya’s securing it up north, the west is dry giving us wonderful sandy getaways, the east has its thick rain forests, which are loaded with dense tree canopies as well as providing shelter to an impressive fauna, finally, the south gives us amazing beach front landscape. Plus, it is not a hidden fact that Delhi is a perfect destination to visit regardless you are a food connoisseur or a buff about culture, custom, history, and others to incorporate. Hopping the most mainstream places to visit is perhaps one activity that finds mention in each voyager’s tour plan. Aside from that one extra thing that you are expected to do is explore the food scene in Delhi.

The city of djinns has a great deal of wonderful astonishments on the off chance that you are searching for the best pastry shops in Delhi. Decades old establishments run as an inseparable unit with lively new pastry shops in the city. There are couple of New Delhi tour packages that offer a visit the best diners, notwithstanding, here are three top bakeries in the Capital that you should visit.
Big Chill

A bistro cum-bread shop in the exceptionally renowned Khan Market, this one has regular visitors. A considerable measure of food lovers visit Big Chill for their day by day dosage of sweet; it offers the absolute most delectable cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, Mississippi mud pie, apple crumble, and significantly more. For the ones searching for various flavors, there is some expertly-made pasta, heated penne primavera, piri-piri chicken, fish in red wine sauce, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Add to it the gourmet frozen yogurts for that impeccable completion note and you’ll have a lifetime’s experience.

Set up in the year 1926, this is one of the oldest established pastry bakeries in Delhi. Strolling into this one would help you to remember Honeydukes, the renowned bakery featured in Harry Potter. Hailed as the pioneer of Swiss confectionary in India, Wenger’s will charm you with its scope of puddings, mousses, tarts, macaroons, eclairs, doughnuts, brownies, and an amazingly immense assortment of cakes. It likewise doles out crisp garlic breads, pizzas, baguettes, rolls, and quiches. Wenger’s is the place the enthusiasts of pastry shop in Delhi run to; you would regularly see individuals waiting in queues for it to open in the morning.
Big Bake

A triple story cake for your wedding, a theme cake for your child’s birthday party, little cake for your companion, or grouped platters of desserts and dry natural products; you’ll find practically all that you expect of a bakery here. One of the most delightful pastry kitchens in North West Delhi, Big Bake likewise offers light snacks, for example, pastas, pizzas, burgers, chaats, Chinese, pav bhaji, and has an amazing assortment of dessert shakes, sundaes, frozen yogurt soft drinks, and icy refreshments as well.

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