Tour the Wonderful Countries of South America

Going on a holiday is one of the most fun and relaxing experiences most people can have. While some people prefer to spend their holidays in the country or relaxing on a beach, these trips are the perfect time to tour the world and see all the wonders out there that you cannot truly appreciate if you do not see them in person. South America is a vast continent with many countries, cultures, and landmarks that will provide a sense of awe to anyone who visits them. As such, South America is the perfect place for you to take your next holiday touring trip.

The Sights of South America

Since it is a vast continent, it is impossible to properly survey all the different wonders that South America has to offer. The continent stretches all the way from the Earth’s equator in the north down to the outer reaches of the Antarctic at the tip of Argentina and Chile. Depending on where you visit, you can have wildly different experiences, all of which are sure to be enjoyable.

Starting near the top of the continent, a trip to Ecuador would not be complete without a visit to the wildlife refuges of the Galapagos Islands. These famous islands are rich in biodiversity and are where Charles Darwin first postulated the theory of evolution. Awash with many exotic species of birds, tortoises, and other animals, they are truly a natural wonder of the world.

Further south, in Peru, you can take a trip up into the Andes Mountains during your South America tours to see the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu. Lost for hundreds of years before being rediscovered just over a century ago, the ruins of this city offer you insights into Mesoamerican life as well as beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. You can even see some of the exciting local wildlife such as llamas and vicunas, which are animals valued throughout the world.

Further east, you can visit the vast country of Brazil. In the large city of Rio de Janeiro there are many beautiful things to see and fun things to do, but the most famous sight in the whole country may be the monumental statue of Jesus known as Christ the Redeemer. This huge statue is often considered a modern wonder of the world and has been featured prominently in many movies and TV shows.

Enjoy Rich Cultures with Well-Guided Tours

Because South America is so vast, it is difficult to see all the greatest highlights of this continent in a single trip. To maximise your sightseeing capabilities when on holiday, you should book a tour of South America through an excellent and well-regarded tour company. Their agents will ensure that you visit all the best places in South America and that all your needs are taken care of, so that you don’t need to worry about anything other than what exciting activity you will partake of next!

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