Trust it- The Entire Bahrain Trip Is Your Life


Are you looking for the perfect holiday destination that will have a positive impact on your life? Well, the Kingdom of Bahrain, located close to the Persian Gulf in the Middle East is definitely the must-visit destination for you it is fascinating to note that despite being small, Bahrain is home to some of the most intriguing historical places, museums, parks, cities and the awesome modern Arab culture. Trust it- the entire Bahrain trip is your life and most importantly if you visit the following top destinations there:

trust it

Bab Al Bahrain

By paying a visit to Bab Al Bahrain, you will instantly discover that life in this island somehow revolves around this magnificent landmark. It is simply an amazing getaway to Bahrain which was originally designed in 1945 by Sir Charles Belgrave. Back then, it used to serve as the official government offices while overlooking the sea. It was later refurbished in the year 1986 and the adjacent sea area reclaimed by the government to pave way for other architectural monuments. Sightseeing tours are available on daily basis starting from the morning till dusk.

National Museum

The National Museum in Bahrain is one the most important places you ought to put in your allImust-visit’ list. It is located on the intersection of King Faisal Highway and Muharraq Causeway and is easy to access by taxi like Uber cab. The $ 35 million complex was built in 1987 and remains an amazing treasure house of Bahrain cultural and civilization history. You will be carried away by the hidden secrets housed by the museum and you will definitely have an exciting story to tell your friends for a long time

Tree of Life

Deep in one of the driest desert in the world, stands a mature, broad, shady mesquite tree that is as old as the desert itself. Standing in solitary splendor, the tree of life has caught the attention of people from all corners of the world due to its age and the fact that it is not close to any source of water, let alone an oasis. Tough its source of water still remains a mystery; some people believe that an underlying spring could be the source of its nourishment. Join the millions of visitors coming to see the Tree of Life annually in Bahrain.

A’ali Burial Mounds

A’ali Burial offers every visitor a unique chance to ponder one the biggest prehistoric cemetery on the earth. An estimated 18,000 burial mounds are located here and date back to between 2000 BC and 500 AD. Although most of these mounds are not intact today, they provide the perfect opportunity to look back into the ancient culture of the previous generations of people who lived in Asia.

AI Areen

Go wild at this animal sanctuary located about 25 kilometers south of Manama and see some of the some of the most endangered species in the Arabian Peninsula. Some of the animals existing in AI Areen include the springbok, impala and the Persian gazelle. A film show and tour bus of the park are just some of the things you don’t want to miss.


As you have seen from the destinations mentioned above, there is definitely a reason for everyone to spend an amazing trip to this beautiful island. Don’t wait anymore. Simply get a valid Bahrain Visa today and join the fun.

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